Entegra Analytics creates software that enables public safety agencies to collect, manage, and analyze large amounts of intelligence data.

Our software provides the tools needed to extract actionable intelligence from disparate data and develop common operating pictures across multiple intelligence sources.

Intelligence Analysis Tools

Use natural language processing to perform entity extraction, and text analysis. Create rich link graphs that connect both people and documents based on semantic analysis.


Integrated Sensors

Integrate sensor systems such as video cameras, chemical, biological and radiation detectors with the other information managed by our solution.

To watch a video of an Entegra Analytics solution in-action, click one of the links below. Note, the videos are stored on OneDrive, so downloading them to watch on your computer may give you a better viewing experience.

Solution Videos

Intel Analysis

Use advanced tools to perform geospatial analysis, natural language processing, text and link analysis. 

Solutions Overview

About Entegra Analytics

State-of-the-art public safety software.

What We Offer

Intel Management

Track intelligence information throughout its life-cycle of intake, analysis, dissemination and archiving. 

IMx: Advanced Incident Management

Integrated incident management to track and record your active incidents across a wide variety of areas (crime, suspicious activity, cybersecurity, drug trafficking, human trafficking). IMx features CBT™, Clickable Body Technology, and geo-fencing.


Advanced Geospatial Intelligence

Plot incident locations on a map. Perform analyses of drive times, bomb-threat safety zones, and chemical spill evacuation zones. See the location and content of real-time Twitter feeds.