• ­Feel in danger? Press and hold the thumbprint button
  • If your thumb is removed or the phone is taken away, you have a few seconds to enter a PIN
  • If no PIN is entered an alert with your location and photo is sent to family, friends, and campus authorities


Use the smartphone app to support prevention and educational campaigns aimed at on-campus rape, substance abuse, suicide, or other issues important to your institution.


Place campus-wide policies, resources and other critical information on all students’ smartphones.

Watch the Campus 20/20 video here. This video is hosted on OneDrive.  You may wish to download it to your local computer first, then view it from there.

Campus 20/20

Connect Campus Community, Protect Students and Staff

Modern technology offers innovative ways for colleges and universities to protect and engage their students and staff, and to support campus law enforcement. Campus 2020, built around Entegra Analytics software tools, empowers students with safety tools, educates them on important campus issues, and enables campus law enforcement to reduce response time and enhance insights into on-campus criminal activity, allowing a school to do more for less to keep students involved and to keep them safe. See the Campus 20/20 video.