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To view a 7-minute video of FusionTIP in action against human trafficking click here. (Note: The video is hosted on OneDrive. Download the video first and play it from your computer, rather than playing it directly from OneDrive.)

Trafficking Watch: Software to Combat Human Trafficking

Trafficking Watch, also known as FusionTIP, is an adaptation of Entegra Analytics' cloud-based public safety software to fight human trafficking. Learn more about what Entegra Analytics is doing to end human trafficking:

Empowering Vulnerable Populations

While stopping perpetrators and recovering victims are key components of combatting human trafficking, empowering vulnerable populations must also be part of a multi-faceted solution to the problem. Entegra Analytics has developed SecureMySafety (SMS), a free smartphone app. SMS is cloud-based, so alerts from the smartphones of potential trafficking victims not only go to family, friends and local authorities but also to Microsoft's Azure cloud and from there to governmental and non-governmental organizations across the globe.

SMS is also educational. Users who download the free app can see pictures and text that reflect ten warning signs of meeting a trafficker; and ten warning signs of meeting someone being trafficked. SMS runs on all major smartphone platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone).

To register to try a pre-release version of SecureMySafety for Windows phones by sending an e-mail to info@entegraanalytics.com with "SecureMySafety" or SMS in the subject line. You'll be notified by return e-mail of when and where to download the app.

White-Paper on Technology and Human Trafficking

Entegra Analytics, CEO, Clyde W. Ford, co-authored a white-paper on technology and human trafficking with Arthur T. Ball, Managing Director, Asia, Public Safety and National Security, Microsoft. The paper acknowledged no simple solutions to the complexities of human trafficking and that technology was not a panacea. The pair then went on to discuss how technology could assist with worldwide efforts to stop human trafficking. You can download a copy of that white-paper by clicking here.