AIM 20/20 is Entegra Analytics' flagship intelligence management and analysis product. Community policing, intelligence analysis, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, military, border protection, disaster management, human trafficking, executive protection—whatever your agency’s domain, the AIM 20/20 suite of intelligence management and analysis tools helps your mission succeed. AIM 20/20 provides advanced intelligence management, offers cost-effective domain awareness and is only available from Entegra Analytics. Scroll down to see the AIM 20/20 product family. See the AIM 20/20 video here.

AIM 20/20 now features IMx, advanced incident management. See the IMx video here.

Link Analysis for Big Data

Connect the dots and discover hidden relationships in your big data. AIM 20/20 creates link charts showing the associations between people, places, organizations, and other entities, letting you focus on the connections revealed rather than on the creation of the charts.

Configurable Dashboards

Use easily configurable dashboards to put together only the set of AIM 20/20 software components that you actually need. Each component appears as an “active tile” displaying important real-time information. Critical data is displayed and continuously updated as Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Global Vessel Tracking

Track more than 55,000 vessels worldwide, in real-time. International regulations require ships greater than 300 tons to have satellite-based AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponders. AIM 20/20 monitors any vessel reporting into AIS, displaying information about its flag, location, course, speed, crew, cargo, and ports of call.

Social Media Analysis

Who’s communicating with whom? Drop a Twitter icon anywhere on a map to find out. AIM 20/20 monitors real-time Tweets within a given radius or displays a graph of Tweets to determine connection networks. Available for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media platforms.

Text Analysis

Needles in haystacks? AIM 20/20 can find them. The software automatically reads documents in more than 20 languages, color-coding and highlighting people, places, locations, weapons and other entities within the text.

Video Analysis

Stop a disaster before it takes place. AIM 20/20 can tell you when a suspicious package has been left; when a face or license plate has been recognized; or when the same person has passed through a checkpoint multiple times. Outfit your CCTV cameras with the latest video analysis software and monitor thousands of locations in real-time.

Risk Assessment

How safe are you and the individuals you protect? Use your own risk assesment algoritms or those built into AIM 20/20 to compute country risks worldwide.

AIM 20/20

Environmental Sensors

Monitor your own CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) detectors or use the 5000-plus AQI (Air Quality Index) sensors worldwide that AIM 20/20 monitors.

Track sea level in real-time using custom sea level sensors or the worldwide network of 900-plus buoy-sensors built into AIM 20/20.

Cellphone Call Analysis

Investigate subjects of interest through cellphone data. Instantly discover who is in the calling network of a subject; how one subject is connected to another through cell phone calls; or, at a given time and place what calls were made. AIM 20/20 displays cellphone analyses on 3D maps showing cell towers and the pattern of calls or texts taking place through these towers.

Map and Manage A Crisis

Visualize events as they unfold. Watch incidents pop-up when reported from the field. Save lives and prevent damage from a bomb or a hazardous material release. Instantly create an evacuation zone plan and determine critical infrastructure at risk. AIM 20/20 leverages the power of advanced mapping technology to help you better manage a crisis or disaster.

Smartphone Apps

Mobile Field Reporting. Let public safety officers use smartphones to report a crime or suspicious activity.
Citizen Engagement. Let citizens report a crime or suspicious activity to local authorities.
Human Trafficking. Empower vulnerable populations with reporting and automatic tracking via smartphones.